Sending product you ordered from  our web site (, across  Turkey  via shipping company called DHL, will be provided in the standard delivery process.

Rules and Limitations

As Crafist®, we endeavor to deliver the ordered products to the shipping within the same day until 13:00 on weekdays (Monday-Friday). Orders placed after 13:00 will be delivered to shipping on the next working day. Cargo delivery time is 5 working days for our products, which may take time to procure. For the possible delayed delivery situation, we will inform you.

If the order is placed on a public holiday, we deliver the ordered product to the shipping company within the next working day.

We plan that orders placed on special days and public holidays will be delivered to the shipping company on the next working day.

Shipping companies may not be able to receive orders due to the intensity experienced on special days and some special discount periods. In such cases, orders can be processed on the next working day. The shipping company is responsible for the delays that occur during these times.

Delivery to Different Addresses

The address you want to deliver your order to and the address where your order is billed may be different. In such a case, during address selection, it is sufficient to select which address is the billing address and which address is the delivery address.

If you want to make any changes in the addresses, you can contact with our customer contact center via our contact number “+44 7361 326046” and send your address changing request. If the order has been delivered to shipping, it is not possible to change the address.

You can show your company information as the billing address in your order. In such a case, you must indicate some information such as your company's title, tax number, tax office on the address form at the time of delivery.


Note: In corporate invoices, return invoice to be invoinced by the company is provision fort he return and changing operations.






Order Processing Time

When you place an order using a credit card on our website (, your order is sent to our storehouse unit and your product is started to be collected.

If you pay for your order by making a remittance, we will confirm the payment after checking whether the order has come to our bank accounts, and inform our storehouse unit to collect the order. We realize remittance checks via the bank during the day. If the payment has not been confirmed as a result of the remittance checks, we will not realize the order’s starting from our storehouse unit.

For orders created by making a remittance to the bank, if payment is not made within 2 business days, we cancel the orders. In such cases, it must be reordered.

Delivery Problems

If you think there is a delay in the delivery of the products or a disruption in the products, you should contact with our customer contact center through the contact information we present.

You can reach our customer contact center by calling +44 7361 326046 or by Whatsapp message or via our contact form on our contact page. Our customer contact center is open between   09:00 - 18:00 on weekdays to solve the problems you experience.



If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, in case of changing or refund, you can apply to our customer contact center verbally or in writing to our e-mail address "" within fourteen (14) days from the date you receive the product.

After we receive your return request, as Crafist®, we evaluate compliance with the return conditions stated below. If we approve the return request, we will ensure that the product is taken back through the shipping company we have contracted with. If the product to be returned is sent with the shipping company we have contracted with, the shipping cost will be paid by us. If the product is sent through a shipping company outside of our agreement, we will not pay the shipping cost.

The product requested to be returned must be packaged in its original packaging in a way that does not allow any damage in the cargo. You must send the e-archive invoice with the product transmission.

Within five (5) days of receiving the products, we will refund you through the channel you paid us. In credit card refund transactions, associated with the transaction taking place between two (2) and five (5) days under normal circumstances, this period may vary depending on the operation of the bank. If you have made the transaction by EFT or bank remittance, the invoice must have "Name-Surname" and/or "Title" information of the account holder.



General Return Conditions

1)  Returns must be made with its original packaging and box.

2) Products that have lost their originality, are missing, damaged, can not be resold or purchased by someone else are not accepted.

3) The original invoice must be sent to us together with the product to be returned.

4) We can plan the buy-back of the product to be returned. If the product is returned through the shipping company we have agreed with, the shipping cost will be paid by us. . However, if the return of product is with a shipping company that is not in our agreement, the shipping cost will be paid by you.

Return of Damaged or Defective Products

Make sure to check whether your order is complete and solid at the delivery time. We deliver the ordered product together with the e-archive invoice or packing slip. We do not accept changing or return without an invoice. In corporate invoices, the product is changed or returned together with the return invoice of the company performing the transaction.

At the delivery time, the shipping personnel receives a signature from you that you have received the product in complete and solid. If there is a package that you think may be damaged during the shipment, open and check the package in front of the shipping personnel while receiving it. If the product arrives damaged, do not take delivery of the product by keeping a report to the authorized person. Changing of products takes place within fourteen (14) business days. In such a case, we will not charge you for an additional product or shipping cost.

Contact with our customer contact center for the return of defective or incomplete products that you received during delivery without realizing it. Our customer contact center may ask you to send a photo showing the defect or deficiency of the product. If, as a result of the examination, it is determined that the defect is not caused by the consumer, the changing process takes place with the same product. The invoice of the product must be sent to us together with the product to be changed.

Returning Missing or Incorrect Items

If you encounter a product that is not complete or not correct in your order, contact with our customer contact center. The correct product will be sent to you by us within five (5) days. The defective product requested to be returned must be packaged in its original packaging in a way that does not allow any damage in the shipping.

For your changing and return requests, please refer to the "Contact Us" section on our website (  or contact with us via our communication channel numbered  +44 7361 326046

You can send the products you want to return to the address we specified:

Crafist Türkiye Warehouse 

İcerenkoy, Topcu Ibrahim Sk. No:17, 34752 Atasehir/Istanbul



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