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TS Copper  Luster Over-Glaze Application - Crafist®

TS Copper  Luster is ready to use.  It is recommended to clean the surface to be applied with cellulosic thinner or alkolhol before the application. The firing range is between 650 °C -800 °C.

How to Use TS Copper  Luster Over-Glaze;

·         Be sure to use gloves before starting the application.

·         It is applied by thinning 10 units of TS Copper  Luster liquid with 1 unit of cellulosic thinner.

·         TS Copper  Luster Over Glaze decor application is homogeneously applied to the surface in the form of a thin layer.

·         This is because; It is ensured that the gas released in the kiln is removed from the environment.

·         When the kiln reaches its maximum temperature, it should be kept for 15 minutes.

·         We recommend using natural bristle (or soft synthetic) brushes.

·         After cleaning your brush after application, pack it in a way that it does not get dusty.

·         We recommend that you use a mask.

·         Ventilate the application area


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