Terms of Membership and Use

General Rules and Legal Responsibilities at Crafist®

Before you start touring the world of Crafist (www.crafist.com), we recommend that you read the rules and responsibilities we present you. If our conditions are not suitable for you, do not visit our website. If you use our website (www.crafist.com) , you will be accepting our terms by filling out the form with your personal information.

As Crafist®, we reserve the right to update the page content with our legal notices at any time. We recommend our visitors to visit the legal warning page every time.

  1. Usage and Security Rules

Crafist.com is open to all our members and the data presented on our site is free, unless we specify otherwise.

As the management of Crafist.com, we can block the use of the site by the members in the following cases  and we reserve the legal rights of our blocked members:

1 a.  Information complaining  not to comply with the rules of public decency, inaccurate, incomplete ,misleading and against to the laws of the Republic of Turkey to be shared on our website.

1.b.  Copying of Crafist.com content in whole or in part.

1.c. If any information (username, password, etc.) provided to users on Crafist.com and shared by users is shared with third parties or organizations, the user is responsible for any harmful situation that may occur. However, the user can not use personal information such as the username, e-mail address, IP address of another person in the internet environment and can not access users' private information without permission. If the user violates these rules, it means that they have accepted all kinds of legal and criminal sanctions that may occur.

1.d. Using software that will threaten the security of Crafist.com and damage our software we use, taking actions, activity trials and copying, modifying, deleting information.

  1. Use of Content

2.a.  The visual and written contents we offer on Crafist.com is suitable for personal use. As Crafist.com, we own the rights and licenses and keep under legal protection of the domain name, logo, icon, promotional, written, electronic, graphic or all kinds of visual and written data that can be read on the machine, all our materials including our sales system and business style we applied and all the intellectual and industrial properties related to them. Unless otherwise stated, we do not allow use for commercial or personal purposes without permission or acknowledgment. Any item on our website can not be published on a different medium or website without the permission of Crafist®.

2.b. The right of software we use while designing our pages on Crafist.com and creating the database belongs to Crafist®. Copying and using software belonging to Crafist® is definitely forbidden.

2.c.  The right of all criticisms sent to Crafist.com belong to us as Crafist® and we can use it for marketing  purposes at any time.

  1. Responsibilities

3 a. When our users visit Crafist.com, we keep track of information (time of visit, duration of visit, pages viewed, etc.) in order to provide better service to our users.

3.b. To use Crafist.com, you must fill in the required sections, verify your e-mail address, and comply with the terms specified in this contract. If the conditions are complied with, users can start using our Crafist.com site by entering their e-mail address and password.

3.c. Our users, who benefit from the services of our Crafist.com site, agree to comply with internal bylaws and legal regulations in all relevant legal provisions such as the Law of Obligations, Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, other relevant legislation provisions, and all kinds of notices and announcements we will publish as Crafist.com. All kinds of criminal, financial and legal responsibilities that may arise due to the against uses to the laws and notifications belong to our users.

3.d. If it is confirmed that the user does not accord with the liabilities stated in the contract and the general rules stated on our Crafist.com site, as Crafist®, we can temporarily/indefinitely prevent the user from using Crafist.com or close her/his account.

3.e. The user who uses Crafist.com can not take actions complicating and preventer that make other users’ and visitors’ usings, attempt to cheat, lock/force our servers or databases by installing automatic programs. The membership of the user who acts in such actions is immediately cancelled and the user accepts all kinds of legal and criminal liability that may arise.

3.f. As Crafist.com, we recommend our users to back up their messaging and we keep the message backup under the responsibility of the user. As Crafist®, we will not be liable for any damage or loss that may occur if the user does not back up messages.

3.g. If the user of Crafist.com copies any information from Crafist.com and prints it from the printer, he can not delete or change by no means about this information within the scope of any copyright related laws.

3.h. The user can cancel the membership and delete the account on Crafist.com. If the user terminates her/his membership, her/his authorization to enter our site will be canceled. The individual who terminates the membership accepts that this process is not returned.

3.i. As Crafist.com, you can access the provisions in the legislation regarding the "Protection of Personal Data" to be applied for deletion of any records belonging to the membership account terminated by us or the user terminated by herselfr/himself through the KVKK policy on our website. The user whose membership is over can not claim any rights or compensation for the deleted records.

3.j. The relationships that the users of our Crafist.com site have with each other or with third parties are under the responsibility of our users.

3.k. In cases where Crafist.com contains links or references to different websites that are not under the control of our site, as Crafist®, we are not responsible for the content and links on these sites.

3.l. As Crafist®, we apply all information linked to user accounts providing that to depend on privacy principles, terms of use and legal regulations basing the KVKK policy stated in our web site (www.crafist.com).

3.m. In some parts of our Crafist.com site, we can mention different rules and obligations specific to that section. Individuals and organizations using this section mean that they have accepted the rules and obligations mentioned.

3.n. As Crafist®, we attach importance to the privacy and protection of our users' personal information. You can reach the text, including the measures we take in this regard and the rights in Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, the identity of the data controller, the purpose for which the data can be processed, for what purpose the data can be transferred, the method of collecting personal data and our general policy on legal reasons, from the KVKK policy at our web site. We request you to read this text.

3.o. While shopping on our Crafist.com site, our user's payment information (credit card information, GSM number information, etc.) must be correct. If the user does not inform correctly, she/he accepts that the legal and criminal responsibilities that may arise belong to her/him.

The user of Crafist.com accepts that all the provisions of this contract and the contract will give a provision about herself/himself from the moment she/he starts to benefit from the service. If the user violates the contractual obligations, she/he accepts to compensate for any harmful situation we may suffer as Crafist®. As Crafist®, we have the right of withdrawal against the user in case of any kind of compensation and/or judicial/administrative fines that we will have to pay to public institutions or third parties as a result of the user's misbehavior.

  1. Rights and Obligations of Crafist®

4.a. The user of Crafist.com will benefit from the services that are the subject of the contract, except for technical malfunctions. If the user of Crafist.com is found to have sabotaged, maliciously attempted or attacked that may prevent the operation of our site, or if an official investigation request or criminal complaint is received from the official authorities of the Crafist.com member and / or in cases specified in the KVKK policy about legal regulations related to the Law on Protection of Personal Data on our relevant site, as Crafist®, we have the right to research and share the information of the relevant user.

4.b. As Crafist®, we can make one-sided changes in the contract without any notice in order to ensure that the promised services are continuous. As Crafist®, we always have the right to stop the service we provide one-sided temporarily or consistently to, change or cancel the content of our service without any justification. Every user of Crafist.com accepts this right. In case of any changes, as Crafist®, we publish the updated terms of use on our site with the same link and a new date arrangement, and if necessary, we inform our users by e-mail. From the moment we publish the updated terms of use on Crafist.com, the new terms will be valid and the use of our site or services will be subject to the updated terms of use from that moment on.

In cases that are against the contract, as Crafist®, we can terminate one-sided the user's membership without any notification.

  1. Entry into Force of the Contract

Every user who completes and approves the registration form on our Crafist.com site, receives service or places an order using our system, undertakes to comply with our Crafist.com contract from that moment on. If the user's membership terminates or if any termination occurs in the circumstances specified in this contract, the contract automatically becomes invalid without any warning requirement.

  1. Competent Court and Resolution of the Disrepancy

If any non-compliance situation that may arise due to the implementation of the contract is desired to be resolved, an application should be made to Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Execution Offices, which are the competent authorities.

  1. Notification Addresses

7.a As Crafist®, we do not require our users' e-mail addresses in advance. However, we accept the e-mail address provided by the user on our Crafist.com site as the legal e-mail address for notifications to be made regarding the contract.

7.b. Changes in existing e-mail addresses must be notified by the parties in writing within 3 (three) days. If not notified, they accept the validity of their old e-mail addresses and the notifications to be made to them.

7.c.  As Crafist®, we accept that the notifications made by Crafist.com to the registered e-mail of the user reach the user one(1) day after the notification is sent. Our users acknowledge that they have read, accepted and approved all of the articles in the participation agreement and have committed to declaring the accuracy of all the information they have shared.







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