Medium Size Double Ended Throwing Tool

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MKM Ultimate Throwing Sticks are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different throwing needs. The T2 stick is tall and slender, ideal for shaping tall cylindrical objects. On the other hand, the T3C and T3D sticks are larger with a curved design, making them suitable for working on jars and forms with a bellied-out shape.

One notable feature of these throwing sticks is the sharp edge of the ribs, which effectively reduces torque on the clay during throwing. This allows for smoother outward movement of the walls when forming a bottle or similar shape. The ribs are designed to be removable and can be rotated as needed or replaced with different ribs for versatility in shaping.

It's crucial to securely tighten the rib to the handle to prevent it from rotating during use. If the rib continues to rotate, removing the inner washer and tightening it again is recommended to ensure stability and precision during throwing. This step is essential for achieving desired results with the MKM Throwing Sticks.

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