Trimming Tool Foot Trim PRO - 02

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Trimming Tool Foot Trim PRO - 02


PRO Trimming Tools;

Professional hand tools with 7 different head structures are ideal for detailed trimming implementation in your ceramics pottery wheel workings. It is very suitable for comfortable working with its sharp rust-free tips and wooden handle.

• Fine blade with 2 mm thickness and different head structures, 
• The 18 cm steel handle is ergonomic and provides ease of holding.
• It is ideal for making fine and clean details.
• It can be used for leather-hard and trimming of dry products.
• It can be used for carving under glaze implementations on leather-hard clay.
• It can be used in Sgraffito implementations. 
• It can be used in Mishima, sculpture, scraping and more implementations.
• It is made of stainless steel.

Product features; 

Trimming Tool Flat Oval PRO -01: 4cm X 1.8cm
Trimming Tool Stand PRO - 02: 3,5cm X 1.8cm
Trimming Tool Square PRO - 03: 2.5cm X 1.6cm
Trimming Tool Triangle PRO -04: 2.8cm X 2cm
Trimming Tool Oval Triangle PRO - 05: 2.8cm X 1.8cm
Trimming Tool Oval PRO - 06: 2.8cm X 1.8cm
Trimming Tool Cut-Oval PRO - 07: 2.8cm X 1.8cm

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