Crafist® Social Media Policy

  1. As Crafist®, we are not responsible for any content posted on this page by any person or institution instead of us.


  1. As Crafist®, we have the right to remove inappropriate posts and comments, and to block the user who makes illegal posts.


  1. Each visitor of the Crafist® page can share content, ideas and suggestions about Crafist® as they wish. By removing the content and comments on the topics we have mentioned below, we block our visitors from making such shares.


  • Sexuality, political content, violence, discriminatory and hateful comments.
  • Posts containing defamation or swearing.
  • Unethical posts for other brands or followers.
  • All kinds of sharing that supports and encourages illegal enterprises.
  • Posts that are not related to Crafist®, not related to third parties, and against the content of the page.
  • Posts containing inaccurate news and notifications.


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