Diamond Elektroflex Pad 75 x 75mm

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SIZE: 60 Grit
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It is foam reinforced hand pad that is suitable for rounded corners  with sizes of 75 mm x 75 mm.

Thanks to its diamond granules and angled structure, it is suitable for usage on angled surfaces.

It is suitable for wet sanding and polishing of edges and level surfaces of hard materials, including natural and synthetic stones, glass, ceramics and hard metals.

It can be easily used for sanding  ceramics, glazes or biscuits fired at high temperatures.

Thanks to its hard structure, it has longer lifetime than sandpaper.

You can sand more surfaces with less strength.

It can be used for a long time with water without dispersing in water.

You can easily sand the stays of your ceramics products or the unglazed parts of the plates that touch the table.


M60 (60 Grit) 250µ
M120 (120 Grit) 125µ
M200 (200 Grit) 74µ
M400 (400 Grit) 40-50µ
M800 (800 Grit) 20-30µ
M1800 (1800 Grit) 6-12µ


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