Alumina Abrasive Sponge Fine 100 GRIT

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Crafist® Alumina abrasive coarse 100 grit retouching abrasive sponge is 2 side abrasive covered soft sponge that allows you to make fine polishing work on your dried green body
The Crafist® Sandpaper sponge is sized to fit the palm perfectly. In this way, it ensures that you get perfect results in concave and convex surfaces.

Crafist® Sandpaper sponge has a long-term usage life with its flexible sponge structure.


Areas of Usage;

  • Deburring on ceramic, porcelain, tile, grog type dry green bodies
    Correcting mistakes on ceramic, porcelain, sculpture, tile, first fired (biscuit) objects,
    Making retouch before glazed firing,
    Deburring on plaster mold surfaces,
    Retouching plaster objects,
    Making retouches and correcting mistakes on the form to be studied,
    Removing roughness on wood, polyester, plastic, metal surfaces…

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