Crafist® SA - 134 Lilac Underglaze

SKU: 15360450

Weight: 25 g


  • Crafist® Underglaze Paints are ceramic colorants used under transparent and translucent glazes.
  • Crafist® SA Underglaze Paints can be used in tile, ceramic and porcelain clay bodies.
  • Crafist® SA Ceramic, Tile and Porcelain Underglaze Paints are sold as ready-to-use liquids.
  • Crafist® SA Underglaze Paint should be applied with a brush and then glazed with transparent glaze on biscuit fired objects.
  • Crafist® SA Underglaze Paint does not contain lead. If applied with a transparent and translucent glaze compatible with food contact, it becomes compatible with food.
  • Firing can be done at a temperature suitable for the firing degree of the glaze and clay if you will use the Crafist® SA Ceramic, Tile and Porcelain Underglaze Paint between 900° and 1220 ° C.
  • To acquire the best result we recommend you to do your own experiment

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