Crafist® Conical Stick Sponge (diddler) RH5C/M

SKU: 15302060



  • Crafist® conical stick sponge RH 5 C/M is a conical, soft and fine pored ceramic retouching sponge with stick.
  • In the ceramic industry, Crafist® conical stick sponge is used to retouch the areas where rough retouching sponge cannot enter, especially in tableware or in specially designed angular forms.
  • Crafist® conical stick sponge is used in ceramic product's final touches and doesn't make any scratches.
  • Crafist® conical stick sponge has a flexible sponge structure and lasts longer. You can wash with water and use it multiple times. After you wet the sponge you can squeeze with one hand and use it again.

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