Pottery Form - Square 15cm - Cut Edge

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Pottery Forms by Crafist®

The pottery forms made from water-resistant MDF. Pottery forms used for getting easy and standard shapes from clays. You can use these forms to create your own beautiful dining sets. 

The pottery form's application

Choose the right shape and size of the pottery wooden form. Make your clay slab by using a hand roller or slab roller machine with desired thickness. Smooth the clay surface unless a texture is wanted. Lay the slab on the form, press gently and homogenously, so that the form is transferred to the clay slab. You can use a sponge block for pressing.  If you like, you can decorate it with MKM pattern tools at this stage. After a while, you can turn the clay and pottery form carefully upside down. You can use a tray to keep the shape undeformed while turning. Then gently remove the wood pottery form and leave the clay form to dry.

The Pottery Form's Measurements and Shape

**Cut Edge Square Pottery Forms' edges are 3.5 cm.

Edges       :  15 cm
Thickness : 18 mm

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