MKM RM-026 3.0cm Roller Design Fern Leaves

SKU: 15353049



  • MKM Decor Rolls are used in shaping by printing, one of the ceramic decor printing techniques.
  • MKM RM-026 3.0cm Mini-Roller Fern Leaves' length is 30mm and diameter is 30mm.
  • Decor Hand Rollers are one of the ceramic modelling tools. They are curved and flawlessly processed to create three-dimensional deep and clean patterns in the clay to be patterned and to be easily separated from the clay.
  • Decor Hand Rollers are used to create flawless patterns on soft floors like ceramic, porcelain clay and polymer clay.
  • The application of Decor Hand Rollers is extremely practical and fast. With the RH-1 Large Handle, you can transfer the pattern by rolling it in horizontal or vertical forms..
  • It is possible to get a smooth and endless pattern with rounding technique.
  • To provide durability for many years, ceramic clay forming rolls are coated with tung oil.
  • Decor Hand Rollers can easily be cleaned with water and a toothbrush.
  • Decor Hand Rollers are made of natural wood so they can be in different natural colours. This colour difference does not affect the quality of the product.

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