Liquid Gold 12% 24K (2g)

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Liquid Gold 12% 

Liquid Gold contains 12% pure gold, it is ready to use. For applying easier, you can use cellulosic thinner with a 4/1 for thinning the gold, with a 4/1 cellulosic thinner. It is recommended to clean the surface to be applied with cellulosic thinner before the application. The firing range is between 650 C -750 C.Liquid gold after firing, it offers a brighter and more vivid appearance thanks to its 12% pure gold content.

How to use Liquid Gold

It is applied by thinning with 1 unit of cellulosic thinner under 4 units.

24 K Gold Consantration %12
Firing Range 650 °C -750 °C

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