Crafist® Karopol Duplicator Mold Polyurethane-55

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  • Crafist® Karopol Duplicator Mold Polyurethane-55 is a special polyurethane including A and B components used in the production of Duplicators.
  • Karopol-55 components are mixed in one to one proportion 100: 100 and they are beige.
  • To prevent unmixed materials from pouring into the mould on the rim of the container, the material is transferred to a second clean container and mixed again. (Under normal conditions, total mixing procedure don't exceed 3 minutes)
  • Karopol -55 is a resistant material with a hardness of 55 Shore.
  • Karopol -55 has a fluid-structure. Because of this it provides ease of casting and can easily release the air inside.
  • Karopol -55 does not leak from the mould it is poured thanks to its fast pick up feature.
  • Karopol -55 have a high tear strength and do not soak.
  • Karopol -55 can be sanded with 200 grit diamond sanding pads.
  • The reaction time of the product varies according to the amount of material used, mixing speed and ambient temperature. Excessive material amount, high-speed mixing and high ambient temperature cause the mixture to react faster thus fastens its curing.
  • The mould which was casted can be opened after 24 hours. (It can be opened in 17-18 hours)
  • We recommend you to wear protective glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize the risk of getting dirty.

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