Crafist® KA-981 Solvent-Based Mould Release Agent

SKU: 15201026



  • Crafist® KA-981 Solvent Based Mold Separators are mould separators that used for removing the mould from the gelcoat, caropol and silicon areas used in duplicate mould making.
  • Crafist® KA-981 Solvent Based Mold Separators high-performance mould Separators provides a perfect spread on the mould surface and leaves a thin film area on the surface.
  • Crafist® KA-981 Solvent-Based Separators are applied to the mould's surface with a sponge or brush.
  • Before the application of the Crafist® KA-981 Solvent Based Mold Separator, the liquid separator must be shaken. The bottle should be tightly closed after application.

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