Crafist® Fiber Glass (nott)

SKU: 15369036

weight: 250 g


Crafist® Fiber Glass (nott) has many use cases.

It is preferred in all fiber reinforced composite applications, in the production of art/sculpture molds, mold jackets, architectural panel production, automotive, aircraft, space, marine, in the production that require high endurance, airports, aprons, ports and marinas, concrete roads, and other industrial surfaces due to its high endurance capability and lightness.

The application of Crafist® Fiber Glass (nott) is easy and practical. It is easy to mix it with resin due to its ability to easily get wet.

Keeping the resin amount to a minimum during application ensures the high endurance capability.

It can work on composite products such as epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and Aryrlic One.

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