Faber Honing Cream for Marble and Tile Scratches

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weight: 45 g



Water-based, cream polish to restore scratches and aggressions on marble, natural stones, ceramics and porcelain stoneware

HONING CREAM is a water-based cream used on all surfaces in natural stone, such as marble and granite, ceramics and porcelain stoneware. Thanks to its microabrasive action, the product is suitable to restore and recover scratches, scuffs, surface defects, stones, loss of shine, and chemical attack caused through wear, foot traffic and the corrosive action of acid substances accidentally spilled on surfaces.

HONING CREAM can be used on materials that have lost their shine, restoring and evening out the original appearance of the surface without altering original shine. If used on all surfaces that have been polished but are without shine, HONING CREAM can create a so-called “honed” look: a matt polished finish that is soft, even and completely free from the characteristic scratches left by a mechanical polishing process.

 HONING CREAM is a ready-to-use product that can be applied using handheld accessories, such as a white pad, or professional equipment, such as floor polishers. It is suitable for use on walls, floors, interiors and exteriors.


  • Versatile product suited to different applications
  • Based on the use of micro-abrasive polishing
  • Simple and effective application
  • It effectively restores scratches, scuffs and chemical aggression
  • Ideal for surfaces that are not perfectly laid or levelled.
  • Water-based product
  • Ready-to-use product
  • Even finish


This product can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Suitable for use on: Marble-resin agglomerate, Quartz-resin agglomerate, Lapped porcelain stoneware, Polished porcelain stoneware, Natural porcelain stoneware, Structured porcelain stoneware, Limestone, Marble, Work tops/Tops in marble, Work tops/Tops in granite, Work tops/Tops in quartz, Travertine


20/20 m2/l


White pad, manual rotary brush, single disc machine

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