Crafist® MT - 118 Matt Red Brown Glaze

SKU: 15360232

Weight: 100 g


The products in the image are glazed with white vacuum, yellow chamotte, white chamotte and red vacuum ceramic clay from left to right. 
  • Crafist® Ceramic Matt Glazes are sold as ready-to-use liquids.
  • You must shake the Ceramic Matt Glaze before you use it. 
  • The firing temperature range of the Ceramic Matt Glaze is between 1030 and 1050 ° C. The recommended firing temperature is 1040 ° C.
  • Ceramic Matt Glaze is suitable for any food contact. 
  • You can apply the glazes with brushing, dipping or spraying techniques. If you want to apply the glaze with dipping or spraying technique, we suggest adding some water to the glaze. 
  • To acquire the best result we recommend you to do your own experiment

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