Ceramic Retouching Sponge CY 61x35

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Ceramic Retouching Sponge - Crafist®

Retouching sponges are fine porous, soft and at cylindrical structure.

You can easily use it for easy gripping and detailed works due to the being usable sizes of retouching sponge.

Ceramic Retouching Sponge CV 61*35 mm areas of usage;

It is used for retouching operations of correcting mistakes, deburring, cleaning powder and dirt on ceramic, porcelain, tile and also grog type clay-based products.  Crafist ceramic retouching sponges have the feature of high water retention due to their structure and can be easily cleaned thanks to their pore structure and have a much longer life.


Product Sizes

Diameter 61 mm
35 mm


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