B3 Brown Stoneware Moist Clay WC391 – Laguna Clay

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Weight: 2 Kg (4,41 LBS)


Black Stoneware Moist Clay – B3 Brown – Laguna Clay

Black stoneware moist clay B3 Brown is suitable for pottery wheels and hand building because of its flexible structure. This moist stoneware clay's firing colour is black in electrical kiln.(The firing colour is black, not dark brown or grayish). It has a suitable structure for sculpture making.

 What Is Stoneware Clay and How Is It Used?

Stoneware clays are non-porous fired at high firing degrees and show glassy (semi-glassy) properties. You can work on pottery wheel or hand building can be done with these moist clays. You can produce large forms by pottery wheel because of its plasticity. Penetration value affects throwing perormance. For best results, you try at your own kiln schedule and kiln atmosphere.


Product Technical Features 

Firing Range 1184-1222°C (Cone 5)
Firing Colour Black
Texture Fine Grogged
Penetration 6,75 (It provides ease of forming)
Firing Shrinkage 10 % (±2)
Water Absorption 3 % (±1)
Expansion Coefficient (COE x 10-6) 7,27


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