White Stoneware Moist Clay B-Mix 5 WC401 – Laguna Clay

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Weight: 2 Kg (4,41 LBS)


White Stoneware Moist Clay B-Mix 5 – Laguna Clay

B-Mix 5 stoneware moist clay is a suitable clay for multi-purpose use.  It is very suitable for pottery wheel and hand building. It has a porcelain smooth texture. It has a white-cream firing colour in electrical kiln.


What Is Stoneware Clay and How Is It Used?

Stoneware clays are non-porous fired at high firing degrees and show glassy (semi-glassy) properties.Pottery wheel or hand building can be done with these moist clays . Penetration value affects throwing performance. It has a porcelain smooth texture. For best results, you try at your own kiln schedule and kiln atmosphere.


 Product Technical Features 

Firing Range 1184-1222 °C (Cone 5)
Firing Colour White-Cream
Texture Smooth
Penetration 6,75 (It provides ease of forming)
Firing Shrinkage 12 % (±2)
Water Absorption 2,3 % (±1)
Expansion Coefficient (COE x 10-6) 5,74


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