Crafist® ART - 1007 Artistic Tumbled Turquoise Green Glaze

SKU: 15360585

Weight: 100 g


The products in the image are glazed with white vacuum, yellow chamotte, white chamotte and red vacuum ceramic clay from left to right. 
  • Crafist® Ceramic Artistic Glazes are sold as ready-to-use liquids.
  • You must shake the Ceramic Artistic Glaze before you use it. 
  • The firing temperature range of the Ceramic Artistic Glaze is between 980 and 1020 ° C. The recommended firing temperature is 1000 ° C.
  • Ceramic Artistic Glaze is suitable for any food contact. 
  • You can apply the glazes with brushing technique.
  • To acquire the best result we recommend you to do your own experiment.

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