Crafist® Alumina 100 Fine Grit Sponges – AP100

SKU: 15302336



  • Crafist® Alumina coarse grit sponges are ceramic sponges in sponge structure with alumina abrasive on 2 sides, which you can use for delicate sanding on your model.
  • Crafist® Alumina coarse grit sponges fit perfectly in your palm. And this allows you to get excellent results in correcting errors in recesses and protrusions.
  • Crafist® Alumina coarse grit sponges have a flexible sponge structure and last longer. You can wash with water and use it multiple times. After you wet the sponge you can squeeze with one hand and use it again.
  • Crafist® Alumina coarse grit sponges are emery sponges that can be used on ceramic, wood, polyester, plastic and metal surfaces.
  • Crafist® Alumina coarse grit sponges are high-quality abrasives that can be used in Craft & Hobby projects, home decorations and decorative painting.
  • Alumina Abrasive Sponges are sent as 1 piece.

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