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Sponge printing used in ceramic applications is one of the ceramic decoration techniques. Crafist® Decor Sponge is a sponge with the ideal micro-cell structure to use in the decor printing application. With Crafist® Decor Sponge, the decor can be applied both underglaze and over the glaze. 3 surfaces of the Crafist® Decor Sponge resembles a kind of non-porous leather, these surfaces ensure the transfer of the pattern in smooth lines in the decor printing application. The pattern decor which will be transferred is drawn on a suitable surface of the printing sponge and the areas that are not in the pattern are burned with a soldering iron. The remaining rough parts can be cut and thrown away. In order to have the intended result, the Crafist® Decor Sponge is submerged into the water and squeeze to get rid of excess water. An empty surface is printed until it is full of paint. After absorbing enough paint, it is applied to the biscuit. You can use it either underglaze or over the glaze decoration processes. After used, it can be washed with water and kept as ready to use. It is sold in blocks of 245X245X95 mm. We suggest you to use our pen-type soldering iron to shape the Crafist® Decor Sponge with the right temperature and easy usage.

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